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Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Othni Lathram Interim Director
Kirk Fulford Deputy Director/House Fiscal Officer
Shonda Stallworth Senate Fiscal Officer
Daniel Davenport Legislative Fiscal Analyst: Government Administration and Publications
Patrick Dean Legislative Fiscal Analyst: Corrections, Judiciary, Law Enforcement
John Friedenreich Legislative Fiscal Analyst: Banking, Commerce, Economic Development, Military, and Transportation
Peter Grogan Legislative Fiscal Analyst: Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, Elections, Environment, and Local Government
Dustin Jones Legislative Fiscal Analyst: Education
Mary Lawrence Legislative Fiscal Analyst: Health and Social Services
Heather Pyrlik Legislative Fiscal Analyst: Revenue and Taxation
Elizabeth Robison Legislative Fiscal Analyst: Finance, Insurance, Retirement Systems of Alabama, and State Government
Novie Flynn Office Manager
Cindy Davis Administrative Assistant, House
Clara Hyde Administrative Assistant, Senate
Jessica Brown Administrative Assistant

Program/Agency Staff Assignments

Agency or Program Assigned Name
Alabama Trust Fund Heather Pyrlik
Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Heather Pyrlik
Archives and History Peter Grogan
Arts, State Council on the Dustin Jones
Attorney General Patrick Dean
Auditor Elizabeth Robison
Banking Department John Friedenreich
Commerce, Alabama Department of John Friedenreich
Conservation and Natural Resources Peter Grogan
Corrections Patrick Dean
Deaf and Blind, Institute for Dustin Jones
Debt Service - ETF Dustin Jones
Debt Service -SGF Heather Pyrlik
District Attorneys Patrick Dean
Early Childhood Education Dustin Jones
Economic and Community Affairs, Alabama Department of John Friedenreich
Education Dustin Jones
Elections Peter Grogan
Emergency Management Agency Peter Grogan
Environmental Management Peter Grogan
Ethics Commission Elizabeth Robison
Finance Department Elizabeth Robison
Fine Arts, Alabama School of Dustin Jones
Fire College Dustin Jones
Forensic Sciences Patrick Dean
Forestry Commission Peter Grogan
Governor’s Office Elizabeth Robison
Higher Education, Alabama Commission on Dustin Jones
Historical Commission Peter Grogan
Human Resources Mary Lawrence
Indian Affairs Commission Mary Lawrence
Industrial Development Training, Alabama John Friedenreich
Information Technology, Office of Elizabeth Robison
Insurance Board, Public Education Employees’ Health Elizabeth Robison
Insurance Board, State Employees’ Elizabeth Robison
Insurance Department Elizabeth Robison
Judiciary Patrick Dean
Labor Department John Friedenreich
Law Enforcement Agency Patrick Dean
Law Institute, Alabama Elizabeth Robison
Legislative Fiscal Office Elizabeth Robison
Legislative Reference Service Elizabeth Robison
Legislature Elizabeth Robison
Library Service, Public Dustin Jones
Lieutenant Governor’s Office Elizabeth Robison
Local Government - court costs and jails Patrick Dean
Local Government - taxes and economic development incentives Heather Pyrlik
Local Government - K-12 education Dustin Jones
Local Government - annexation and governance Peter Grogan
Math and Science, Alabama School of Dustin Jones
Medicaid Mary Lawrence
Medical Examiners, Board of Mary Lawrence
Mental Health Mary Lawrence
Military John Friedenreich
Nursing, Alabama Board of Mary Lawrence
Oil and Gas Board Peter Grogan
Pardons and Paroles, Board of Patrick Dean
Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission Patrick Dean
Personnel, State Board of Elizabeth Robison
Port Authority John Friedenreich
Postsecondary Education (two-year schools) Dustin Jones
Private Schools and Colleges Dustin Jones
Prosecution Services, Office of Patrick Dean
Public Educational Television, Alabama Dustin Jones
Public Health Mary Lawrence
Public School and College Authority Dustin Jones
Public Service Commission John Friedenreich
Rehabilitation Services Mary Lawrence
Retirement Fund, Judicial Elizabeth Robison
Retirement System, Employees’ Elizabeth Robison
Retirement System,Teachers’ Elizabeth Robison
Revenue Department Heather Pyrlik
Secretary of State Peter Grogan
Securities Commission John Friedenreich
Senior Services Mary Lawrence
Sentencing Commission Patrick Dean
Sickle Cell Oversight Commission Mary Lawrence
Supercomputer Dustin Jones
Tourism Peter Grogan
Transportation John Friedenreich
Treasurer Heather Pyrlik
Universities Dustin Jones
Veteran’s Affairs John Friedenreich
Youth Services Patrick Dean